TriAngle 1.2 for LibreOffice is ready!

December 5th, 2014  Posted by jmwarnsloh

The LibreOffice version of TriAngle is now ready for download at the TriAngle sub page!
It offers the same functionality like its Excel counterpart and is the ideal template for people who prefer to use free software on their PCs.

Have fun!

TriAngle paper will be printed soon!

November 21st, 2014  Posted by jmwarnsloh

Warnsloh, J.M. (2015) TriAngle: A Microsoft Excelâ„¢ spreadsheet template for the generation of triangular plots. N. Jahrb. Miner./J. Min. Geochem., 192, 1, 101-105. DOI: 10.1127/0077-7757/2014/0267

will be available in a print version beginning of next year. For the abstract you can have a look at ingentaconnect.

TriAngle 1.2 is ready!

June 2nd, 2014  Posted by jmwarnsloh

A new version of TriAngle is now ready for download at the TriAngle sub page.

New feature:

  • Changes in layout and line formats
  • Feldspar diagram looks now better due to smoothed lines
  • The manual to create individual masks got a revision and more figures

In comparison to other Excel spreadsheets for triangular plots, TriAngle offers the user the opportunity to design individual masks by simply inserting the required plotting coordinates in the pre-defined fields in the ‘Template’ worksheet. TriAngle calculates the resulting X-Y-coordinates and draws the mask.
Labels can be inserted in the same way, too.
A manual how to create individual masks and labels is shown in the worksheet ‘Manual’.

TriAngle: A Spreadsheet template for the Generation of Trilinear Plots

September 24th, 2013  Posted by jmwarnsloh

TriAngle is a Microsoft ExcelTM spreadsheet template to create triangular plots in an easy way.


  1. Simple to handle
  2. Automatic normalisation to 100% of inserted data
  3. No use of VBA; to adapt easily the file to other desktop and mobile spreadsheet programs which do not support VBA
  4. Automatic display of apexes titles
  5. Automatic display of a legend (can be deleted if not desired)
  6. Selection of typical masks used in the daily business of geoscientists – the user has the chance to add own masks
  7. High quality of the resulting chart for direct use in documents without reformatting with a drawing software
  8. Added data are shown immediately after insertion in the table
  9. Further masks and grids can be designed and inserted by the user

Showing geographic data with spreadsheet software

March 27th, 2012  Posted by jmwarnsloh

Despite the growing amount of free GIS software packages (examples are listed at the end of this little article) most of the people still think about more or less expensive software solutions, provided by a few companies (some of them you will find at the end of this article as well…) and refrain from showing their geo-spatial data. Others may simply not be in the mood or lack the time to learn the handling of new software.