Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Geologic Services

J.M.W. Geo-Consulting is a service-oriented company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, providing sampling and assessment services in the fields of indoor air quality and economic geology.

Indoor Air Testing and Consulting Services

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Radon - radiation

An environmental issue in your home or business — like mold, smells, dust or poor indoor air quality in general  — can cause health issues, property damage, and disruptions for the occupants.

I am a trusted leader in unbiased environmental testing and inspection for mold, VOCs, formaldehyde, indoor air quality and radon.

Having helped clients all over The Netherlands, I am sure my professional services and work experience make me a strong partner for your indoor air inspection.

No Conflict-Of-Interest. Ever!

J.M.W. Geo-Consulting is an independent, certified testing company that never conducts remediation.
I also use independent, accredited testing labs.
Therefore, J.M.W. Geo-Consulting’s results are always unbiased and accurate.


Geo Services


During the evaluation process, I look at your project and decide which steps have to be taken and which analyses should be done. This first step also includes data mining and literature research.

I assay during a sampling campaign or use your provided samples. This step also includes description of cutting and drill cores during the drilling phases, as well as determination of sample intervals for chemical analysis and sorting tests

I analyse the samples with our in-house equipment (polarising microscope, ore microsocope, Geiger counter …) or let the measurements be done by one of my affiliated companies and research institutions, and evaluate the generated data afterwards.

I summarise and present the generated data in form of reports, lectures or publications and give advice, if required.

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