Petrography is the detailed systematic description and classification of rocks. Petrography is largely a descriptive science. Identification of minerals, structures and textures is typically done in hand specimen and in thin section using a magnifier glass, stereo microscope and polarizing microscope.

When Petrography is applied to natural stones and other rocks used for building materials, it allows identification of the components and can determine the presence of inadequate phases which can affect the quality, e.g. pyrite and clay minerals.

J.M.W. Geo-Consulting performs petrographic examinations of ores and natural stones following the European standard EN 12407 and En 12670. Used methods are stereo microscopy, polarization microscopy and ore microscopy.

Good contacts to university facilities provide the access to perform x-ray powder diffraction analyses of rocks and other mineral-phases as well as the phase quantification using the Rietveld-method.