About J.M.W. Geo-Consulting

J.M.W. Geo-Consulting was set up by Dr. J.M. Warnsloh in January 2009 to deliver services in mineral exploration and petrography. Back then, the core business was consultancy in the fields of economic geology and natural stone analysis. Over the years, the activities broadened from general services during exploration projects to pollution and air quality assessments in buildings and at workplaces.

About J.M. Warnsloh

I am a graduate mineralogist with 25+ years experience in petrology, economic geology and air quality assessments. I hold an M.Sc. in economic geology and geochemistry (Department of Mineral Resources, Clausthal University of Technology) and a doctorate degree in applied geochemistry (Institute of Mineralogy and Economic Geology, RWTH Aachen University).

I accomplished projects in economic geology (focus on niobium and tantalum mineralization), mineralogy for mining and process metallurgy companies, petrographic examinations of natural stones, as well as mineral exploration campaigns. Furthermore, I have demonstrated skills in drilling supervision, core logging and quality control and gained a high expertise in the field of niobium mineralization and carbonatite-hosted commodities (e.g. Niobium, REE), salt and quartz.

Besides this, I got trained in air quality assessments and management and used this skills consulting other companies and to train companies and individuals operating air quality monitors.

During my years as a researcher (1999 – 2009) I worked with radioactive minerals and as head of an X-ray laboratory (2005 – 2009) I was responsible for the radiation safety of my employees.

In roles as economic geologist, I frequently came into contact with (fine) dust pollution in mines during exploration projects in the mining industry, which sparked my interest in air quality and its studies in association with workplace pollution.

Since 2017, I have been continuously educating myself by attending various courses at internationally renowned institutions in the field of air quality.

I successfully completed the following courses, among others:

The training academy of the BDG -Professional Association of German Geoscientists (2013)

Resource and reserve evaluation of mineral deposits according to international reporting standards

VDI Wissensforum GmbH (The Association of German Engineers – training academy) (2017)

Particulate matter – characterization, reduction and separation

  • Basics of aerosol measurement technology
  • Method for measuring fine dust (PM)
  • Fine dust limit values at the workplace and in the environment
  • Legal aspects on the subject of particulate matter

University of the West of England (2019)

  • Air Quality Management
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air Quality Dispersion Modelling
  • Air Quality and Development Control
  • Air Quality Action Planning

TÜV Rheinland Akademie (2023)

Certificate of competence – Mould infestation in indoor spaces, Mould Inspection & Testing

  • Mould species: living conditions, development
  • Health aspects
  • Current legal regulations and official recommendations
  • Principles of building physics
  • Appearances of microbial infestation
  • Visible infestation
  • Non-visible infestation
  • Causes of microbial infestation
  • Growth conditions
  • Structural defects
  • Water damage
  • Heating / ventilation
  • Measurement methods and sampling
  • Remediation according to relevant guidelines
  • Occupational health and safety

The training academy of the BDG -Professional Association of German Geoscientists (2023) – Die Bildungsakademie des BDG – Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler e.V.

Indoor air sampling – theory and practice

Indoor air sampling for asbestos, VOCs, aldehydes and ketones, PCBs, PAHs and PCP.

  • General information on indoor air sampling techniques
  • General rules of indoor air sampling before, during and after sampling
  • Tasks and guideline works
  • Methodology and implementation
  • Preparation and realization of sampling
  • Documentation and follow-up

Dutch Green Building Council (January 2024)

BREEAM- NL introduction training

  • What is BREEAM-NL?
  • What BREEAM-NL guidelines/labels are there and how do you use them?
  • What is the main outline of the BREEAM-NL certification process?
  • What roles are there within the BREEAM-NL certification process?