Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold, an underestimated risk:

Recognize and Assess

It is common knowledge that mold infestation in the home poses a risk to human health. Very often, however, mold stains on interior walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or garments go unrecognized. In most cases, health complaints such as allergies lead to a diagnosis only after a medical examination. Diagnosis: mold in the building.

I do not only identify the location, extent and causes of the pollution for you, but also
the risk of danger.

From analysis to evaluation.

Mold always develops where temperature, humidity and nutrients are favorable for their growth. When mold appears in a home, the question arises whether it is caused by structural or other defects in the property or whether it is due to improper user behavior.

With modern measurement and analysis methods, I determine the cause of the mold infestation: safely, quickly and independently.

If desired, you will also receive suggestions for possible measures to permanently remove the mold.

What I offer you

I assist you as a competent, objective helper so that mold does not cause damage to building materials, furnishings or health.

Here are your benefits:

– Professional advice (I hold a certificate of competence – Mould infestation in indoor spaces, Mould Inspection & Testing of the German TÜV Rheinland Akademie)

– Rapid assessment of the situation on site

– Expert assessment of health and structural relevance

– Determination of causes for sustainable control

– Suggestions for suitable remediation

As a neutral and independent partner, I offer you holistic support: hands-on, uncomplicated and long-term. And always with your goals in mind.

My experience – your safety

I offer you all indoor contamination assessment services from a single source.

Mold inspection
on site

Measurement / Sampling

Evaluation, analysis & assessment

Written report incl. documentation

Are you looking for a mold inspector or mold assessor in your area?

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