Showing geographic data with spreadsheet software

March 27th, 2012  Posted by jmwarnsloh

Despite the growing amount of free GIS software packages (examples are listed at the end of this little article) most of the people still think about more or less expensive software solutions, provided by a few companies (some of them you will find at the end of this article as well…) and refrain from showing their geo-spatial data. Others may simply not be in the mood or lack the time to learn the handling of new software.

November 3rd, 2011  Posted by jmwarnsloh

J.M.W. Geo-Consulting map services is launched now. It is a simple with web mapping service with basic functions e .g. measurement of distances and areas, and a geolocation feature.

Geolocation based features and other nifty stuff will be added in the future. (Changes will be announced here …)