TriAngle Version 1.1 is ready for download now!

March 20th, 2014  Posted by jmwarnsloh

A new version of TriAngle is now ready for download at the TriAngle sub page.

New feature:
In comparison to other Excel spreadsheets for triangular plots, TriAngle offers the user the opportunity to design individual masks by simply inserting the required plotting coordinates in the pre-defined fields in the ‘Template’ worksheet. TriAngle calculates the resulting X-Y-coordinates and draws the mask.
Labels can be inserted in the same way, too.
A manual how to create individual masks and labels is shown in the worksheet ‘Manual’.

TriAngle: A Spreadsheet template for the Generation of Trilinear Plots

September 24th, 2013  Posted by jmwarnsloh

TriAngle is a Microsoft ExcelTM spreadsheet template to create triangular plots in an easy way.


  1. Simple to handle
  2. Automatic normalisation to 100% of inserted data
  3. No use of VBA; to adapt easily the file to other desktop and mobile spreadsheet programs which do not support VBA
  4. Automatic display of apexes titles
  5. Automatic display of a legend (can be deleted if not desired)
  6. Selection of typical masks used in the daily business of geoscientists – the user has the chance to add own masks
  7. High quality of the resulting chart for direct use in documents without reformatting with a drawing software
  8. Added data are shown immediately after insertion in the table
  9. Further masks and grids can be designed and inserted by the user

A Literature review on the Geology and Mineral Industry of Sierra Leone

September 24th, 2013  Posted by jmwarnsloh

Geologic Country Report with Emphasis on Diamonds, Gold, and Titanium (July 2011)
The Republic of Sierra Leone is located on the West Coast of Africa, between latitudes 7 and 10 north and longitudes 10.5 and 13 west.
The mining sector is a significant contributor to Sierra Leone’s economy; it accounted for about 90 % of export revenues, mainly from diamond exports, and 20 % of the gross domestic product (GDP). Sierra Leone was the world’s 10th ranked producer of diamond by volume in 2009 and the world’s third ranked producer of rutile.

Geochemical composition of sedimentary rocks and imprint of hydrothermal fluid flow at the Variscan front – an example from the RWTH-1 well (Germany)

March 27th, 2012  Posted by jmwarnsloh

The mineralogical and chemical characteristics of Palaeozoic rocks in the northern Eifel Mountains provide information on the sedimentary provenance in the NW Rhenohercynian Basin and on the mineralogical and hydrothermal control of trace element abundance. Elements mainly bound to illite (i.e. V, Ni, Rb, Sr, Cu, Ba) can be distinguished from elements predominantly controlled by chromite (Cr) and zircon (Zr). Lower Devonian and Upper Carboniferous units have similar